The Lorraine & Alfie brand is built on the idea of how nostalgic expressions shared with those we love shape their lives for generations to follow. We are for the old souls and young souls at heart who love to keep the sentiments of the generations before them frontal while adding their own youthful spin to it. 

Lorraine and Alfie, a real couple cherished by all who knew them lived life with the utmost gumption, class, love, and flair for all things glamorous, sentimental, entertaining and important. Their family and close friends were the apples of their eyes and they made it known by both word and actions, little and big! They were the ultimate example of strength, courage and love. To know this stylish and young at heart couple was truly to love them!

We offer a wide array of chic home accessories, gifts and apparel that will fill your life with happiness, fun, sentimentality, sass and love! 


Designed in France🤍Made with Love